8 Ways Athletes Can Stay Safe during Morning Runs


August 10, 2020

The morning runs are part of the daily practices that keep the athlete physically fit, ready to face marathons.

 Competitive sport comes with a lot of rivalries. A lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure someone gets a win.

Some are crafty in achieving this; they can choose to use the money for match-fixing while others can cause bodily harm to a competitor.

The enemy isn’t only your competitor; you can also be a victim of circumstance. When running on the road, accidents can happen due to bad weather.

Moreover, muggers can also see you as an easy target.

When someone decides to attack you, they look for you when you are most vulnerable as you secure your home from any unauthorized guests or rather arm yourself with rifles.

During morning runs away from your home, athletes are more susceptible to assault.

The threats or attacks shouldn’t deter you from going out for your morning runs. You only need to think ahead of your enemies by staying safe at all costs.

How best can you keep safe while out there for your run?

1. Invest in a firearm

The moment as an athlete, you feel your safety is compromised, that a reason to get a licensed gun at all costs.

It’s not all about a gun but consider the following features to get the best out of the firearm function

  • Light in weight
  • Have the best scope for accurate aiming
  • Easy to handle and shoot
  • Have the right grip texture and size
  • Must be trigger consistent

With all these considerations, the right gun scope is an ideal feature for a weapon. Gun shooting is all about accurate aiming. 

Finding the best rifle scopes can be tough, but with proper due diligence on firearms in the market, it will be a walk in the park.

2. Never run alone

Attackers find it easy to deal with you when you are alone.

Within your locality, get people who also have the same fear and choose to run together simultaneously.

 It’s a smart way of becoming each other’s keeper. Who can dare attack a group of runners?

3. Never carry valuables

What is it that you have that catches the attention of an attacker? If it’s your phone or watch or ornaments whatever it is.

Never advertise what you own. The hour you take while on track can’t make you lose business deals compared to your life.

 Leave everything, including valuables, or what you don’t need at home and focus on your running speeds.

At times, the phone is a distracter making you not achieve your desired objective for the day.

4. Inform someone of your whereabouts

Athletes shouldn’t leave as if they live on an island. As you go out from your home for the morning run, let your partner or someone know what route you take.

It’s easy to track you in case you get lost or kidnapped. The information is also crucial for them if you take long before you return home and know where to start.

As they listen to the news on an accident, they don’t need to worry now that you were not on that route.

5. Never be predictable in your position

Whoever decides to attack you never wake up in the morning to do so, they are people who have learned your movement and steps.

The morning runs are easy targets once they know that you follow this route, and you start it at specific times.

For the sake of your safety, it’s essential to break the trend. If you do morning runs twice a week, change it to more or fewer days as you also vary the times and days of the week.

With that, the enemy finds it challenging to know when and where you are doing your runs for an attack.

6. Have your reflective gear all the time

Mornings are characterized by mists and fogs, depending on the position of the sun. Some of the accidents on the roads involving athletes are as a result of poor visibility.

Therefore, you need to alert other road users of your presence by wearing a reflector jacket.

7. Be aware of your surroundings

As you concentrate on your running speeds and your time, it’s also essential to check on your surroundings.

An attacker must plan their mission. That is, they watch you for several days before they decide to lay their trap.

As you run, look at cars within your vicinity. Are you seeing any strangers who tend to be following your movements?

In case you see the same car all the time while on the road, then there is a reason for alarm.

Do a test on their motive.

If they are following you from behind, slow down and let them go ahead. Watch their movement to ascertain if they are on their business or track you.

8. Have crucial law enforcer’s contacts

When you notice something fishy, the first thing is to alert the police to lay a trap on them too. Besides, they can also escort you while out there on the track.

Security starts with you. Let your morning runs, be fun, and not full of anxiety.  

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