Sport Fund

All our activities are for humanitarian aid. We have a sports fund where donors and well-wishers donate sports equipment or cash to fund our activities, including tournaments, sports races, and sports sponsorship.

We call upon individuals to support it using various offline and online financial supports platforms to build the kitty to reach as many target audiences as possible. We also encourage corporate to participate as sponsors at different levels during our events which is also a marketing platform for their goods or services.

We have silver, bronze, and gold sponsors categories which all come with different rewards. Honesty, integrity, and transparency are our core values. We will account for every con that reaches our account for accountability purposes. You can also ship your sporting equipment through our address, and we will acknowledge receipt.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Are you a corporate and love sport? Why don’t you direct your CSR program to any of our programs?

 We welcome all manner of aid as long as it’s in line with our goals and vision. We suit the program to suit our participants and stakeholders, and we have no limit on the kind of aid.

 We customize it to fit your guidelines. Are you a sporting company and want to donate some of the sporting equipment?

 Talk to us and let us know your location to link you with our nearest stakeholders for the same purpose.

Fundraising activities

If you can’t be in the field, you can still support through various fundraising activities. During the sports tournaments, we sell merchandise in which all profits go to support a specific course.

 The recent Triathlon tournament went towards refurbishments of a sports field in the remotes parts of the Philippines.

 We sponsor events across the globe. You can support at the comfort of your home by filling in our fund form and wire money through the online payments system with end-to-end encryption, which guarantees you safety.

Sports Academy sponsorships

We liaise with various sports academies to use their operations systems and services to get talents and run our activities; as part of our mandate, we also sponsor individuals and the academy in line with our organizational policy.

Sports events and activities

We organize tournaments and sporting events to raise funds for a specific course.

We popularise and market the event to attract sponsors in various categories to aid in achieving our objective.

 We do this through different online and offline platforms. Some of the sporting activities include


  • Biking competition
  • Swimming competitions
  • Athletics competition


Reach Out!

Are you an upcoming swimmer or biker, or athlete? Do you want to participate in any of our events near you? We welcome you to fill the form or call us using any of our communication channels.

Are you looking for an organization you can use to offer your material and financial support? We have a donor fund form that helps us get to us for assistance. Our able customer service representative will be more than happy to serve you. Reach out.
4738 Laurel Lane Midland, Texas 79701