Sports Guide

We promote multisport to accommodate diverse talents. Here is a list of some of the sporting events within our mandate.


Are you an athlete but want something that accommodates your needs?

 Triathlon is your game; it consists of swimming or running or cycling for either a long-distance or a short distance. Bikers, swimmers, and athletes are all accommodated in our activities.

Walks and treks

People who wish to engage in our activities but aren’t sports enthusiasts can walk or trek for a reason.

 We organize various charity walks to raise funds for a specific action. Its advantage is that it’s less physically intensive.

Talk to us and let us know your location to link you with our nearest stakeholders for the same purpose.


Are you a bike enthusiast? We have cycles for various races to accommodate the young, the old, and the youth for an inclusive sports event.

 Within our calendar, we engage in various cycling activities to raise awareness for a noble course, and all proceeds touch a life in the rural communities.

Reach Out!

Are you an upcoming swimmer or biker, or athlete? Do you want to participate in any of our events near you? We welcome you to fill the form or call us using any of our communication channels.

Are you looking for an organization you can use to offer your material and financial support? We have a donor fund form that helps us get to us for assistance. Our able customer service representative will be more than happy to serve you. Reach out.
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