Triathlon Preparation: Fabricating a Bike Frame Using Mig and Tig Welders


November 3, 2019

According to some experts, when it comes to welding motorcycles, a Tig welder is superior to a Mig welder. This debate is also prevalent amongst the novices given that they don’t have much idea regarding welding bikes whatsoever. This debate has been raging the bike enthusiasts for years and in this article, we will try to clarify which one is extremely versatile and durable of the two.

Mig welding is considered to be easier since it happens to be semi-automated and all you need to do will be to regulate the welding torch at a steady pace. Once it happens, the filler and the current wire are being applied to the weld region by means of a welding arc. On the contrary, the Tig method of welding is more complicated since it doesn’t come with any arc formation and one needs to apply the filler wire manually.

Taking the above facts into consideration, several inexperienced welders might think that a Mig welder will be the one for welding bikes particularly if someone is getting prepared for a triathlon. However, this notion might be due to a lack of sufficient experience or because it is the only type of welding they are aware of.

One more aspect to consider here is that Mig welding is actually meant for fabrication while steel and other metallic substances carry a reduced resistance to temperature. On the other hand, Tig welding is usually employed for aluminum carrying a greater resistance to heat. That being asserted, aluminum can also be welded by a top-quality Mig welder.

However, as per Ron Covell (who happens to be the guru of customized bikes, automobiles, and metalworking), Tig welding happens to be the best choice when it comes to welding bikes. But, is he correct?

A Mig welder is perhaps the better option for welding bike components that are not made of aluminum. Although you will get more control while using a Tig welder, a Mig welder will be offering you a stronger weld that will be capable of withstanding the strain and stress that a bike experiences in the long run. However, there might be one aspect that you could be worried about – the weld will not crack while using the Mig welder and in spite of being strong it may be vulnerable to welding slag and because of this reason Mig welding is usually not used on the gas tank or the bike frame. See:

There is no doubt about the fact that Tig welding will be the best option when it comes to welding the gas tank or frame, and because of this, Tig welding provides a superior quality of weld in the long run. It will also offer more control to the welder as compared to Mig welding.

While welding a chopper frame that bears the weight of virtually everything including the rider, a strong weld is desirable. The same applies to the gas tank where you want to make sure that there is no imperfection that might result in leakage. Both these issues imply that better safety will be offered by the Tig welder unlike the Mig one.

Thus, we can conclude this debate by asserting that the Mig welder is going to be ideal for materials that are not made of aluminum. On the other hand, the Tig welder will be the better option for more delicate areas of the bike like the bike frame, exhaust, and the gas tank.

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