Who We Are

Charleston Triathlon Club is a humanitarian organization supporting upcoming athletes to reach international levels in triathlon.

Its mandate focuses on nurturing talents at a young age and using sport to encourage like-minded individuals to popularize the sport among youth worldwide. We are committed to supports multiple racers to reach their potential irrespective of their background or level of education, or race. As part of our activities, we also use the platforms to raise funds for vulnerable communities.

We invite corporate, individuals, donors, and well-wishers to participate in this noble course to touch lives. All proceeds from the tournaments and sporting activities are directed to various charitable organizations in either material or financial form. In our decade of existence, we have popularized sports for better health and managed to have a changed society that embraces sports for emotional and physical health.

Reach Out!

Are you an upcoming swimmer or biker, or athlete? Do you want to participate in any of our events near you? We welcome you to fill the form or call us using any of our communication channels.

Are you looking for an organization you can use to offer your material and financial support? We have a donor fund form that helps us get to us for assistance. Our able customer service representative will be more than happy to serve you. Reach out.

4738 Laurel Lane Midland, Texas 79701